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Meal Prep and Delivery Services

How It Works

You select 1 protein meal option, along with 1 vegetable and 1 starch for each meal you (and your family) desire for the week. Schedule a date/time when the Chef will come to your home. Order must be received at a minimum 5 days before the appointment. The Chef will shop for fresh quality ingredients and bring it to your home along with all cooking equipment, reheatable containers, etc. After the appointment, you're left with a clean kitchen and a fridge stocked full of delicious meals!

If meal delivery: Meals are prepared by the Chef offsite, divided into several complimentary reheatable containers, and delivered to home at a scheduled date/time.

Every meal prepared by the Chef is an adult-size portion, and is ready for home or on the go.

Protein Options:

*Chicken Cacciatore: Chicken breasts and thighs prepared “Rustic Italian” style, stewed with tricolor bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and button mushrooms
* Chicken Parmesan: Succulent chicken breast breaded in our Italian style bread crumb mixture, baked then topped with fresh basil Marinara sauce, and Mozzarella Cheese
* Bacon Wrapped Spinach and Smoked Gouda stuffed Chicken Breast
* Honey Baked Salmon: Honey baked salmon with tri colored penne and roasted zucchini, squash and tomato
* Shrimp Scampi: Shrimp and whole wheat angel hair pasta tossed in a light scampi sauce and served with a side of broccoli
* Shrimp Pad Thai: A spicy pad thai with noodles, shrimp, veggies and peanuts
* Roasted Garlic and Sage Lamb Chops: Marinated with roasted, garlic, thyme, sage

Vegetable Options:
* Garlic Green Beans: freshly cleaned green beans tossed in roasted garlic oil.
* Vegetable Stir Fry: stir fried with Julienne red onions, asparagus tips, broccoli, peppers, and carrots
* Steamed Cauliflower
* Squash Medley: Sautéed zucchini and yellow squash
* Edamame Succotash: Edamame and yellow corn sautéed with herbs and olive oil

Starch Options:

* Lemon Herb Quinoa
* Orzo Risotto: Orzo Pasta is cooked like risotto
* Roasted Sweet Potatoes
* Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Each meal starts at $12.00 per meal without proteins. A meal that includes protein starts at $20.00 per meal. Meals that are constructed with game proteins (such as duck, goat, bison, lamb, etc) are priced starting at $30 per per meal. Meals can be tailored to fit any health or dietary needs. Customized menus available upon request.

Payment must be received at a minimum 72 hours prior to appointment.

An invoice will be sent to the client’s email address and a receipt sent once payment is received. Payments are accepted via PayPal at paypal.me/kokamoscatering or contact Kokamo’s Catering & Personal Chef Services to arrange another payment method.



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​Kokamo’s Catering & Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Services

We also offer In-Home Personal Chef Services for small or large dinner parties with the Chef and Server, or just the Chef for a smaller group.  Our staff will bring all ingredients and cookware.  Upon request we set your table with dinnerware, flowers, etc.  At the end of the event, we will clean your kitchen while you enjoy the rest of your special event.

Customized menus are available to fit your budget size, diet restrictions, and taste preference.  You can depend on our talented team to provide culinary excellence, the utmost professionalism, and exceptional customer service.

Our services are perfect for:

  • Your own enjoyment due to busy work schedule, birth of baby, illness or injury recovery...
  • Dinner Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Romantic dinners for two
  • ​Gatherings

 We are committed to providing a pleasant and satisfying experience.